Migration and mobility can represent powerful positive forces for development. The role that migrants play in promoting development and reducing poverty in their countries of origin, as well as the contribution they make towards the prosperity of destination countries, should be recognised and reinforced.

‘If we really want to make migration a resource for development, then why aren’t the poorest people allowed to go along on that journey? Migration has to be a right for all, not just the rich.’  Birwe Habmo, Future Leader

‘Usually when people are looking to hire, they usually choose a native over a migrant. We need to ensure equality between natives and migrants.’

Our participation as speaker to the European Development Days 2015 (EDD15). We have had an opportunity to share our opinion about migrants matter.

Our Debate with the Secretary-General of the United Nations Banki-Moon on freedom movement

Our participation as panelist for a debate on illegal migration organised by the french Radio (RFI)

Quels rôles pour les diasporas dans les pays de départ des migrants?



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